7 foods that reduce fat in blood vessels flush blood vessels

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7 foods that reduce fat in blood vessels Helps clean blood vessels

Consumption behavior of people in this era. It is a source of many problems. One of them is the occurrence of fat clots in the arteries. Therefore, we should turn to choose to eat. Diet to reduce fat in the blood, which is actually very easy to find.

Let’s look at good food that helps to clear the heart’s artery, expel fat, recommended by Dr. Napaphan Wiriya Utsahakul Director of the Bureau of Nutrition Department of Health.


Contains lycopene as an important substance This substance helps prevent hardening of the arteries. treat high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease


Helps reduce blood sugar levels, helps the metabolic system. Has diuretic properties reduce edema and low in calories


In addition to having anti-cancer properties It also helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well.


It is a green vegetable that is high in calcium. Suitable for people with high cholesterol


Orange vegetables rich in useful vitamins and minerals. And there is an important substance. Falcarinol (Falcarinol), which helps fight cancer cells Helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body and increase the efficiency of the circulatory system of blood


It is a cereal that helps prevent heart disease. Help reduce cholesterol.


It has properties that help prevent the blockage of fat in the blood vessels. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in soy also help lower cholesterol levels.

But even so, Dr. Napapan also deposited that behavioral adjustment will include both consumption behavior and exercise as consumption, food

All 7 types above can be eaten. But not that they still eat buffet food. other high fat foods If so, eating whole grains or other healthy foods won’t help. But if there is no fat problem Eating these foods also helps in preventing problems from fat. And But there must be other factors involved. And But must eat a variety of foods and according to nutrition.

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