Solving the secret of “Gogi”, the elixir of life in Chinese textbooks

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“Gogi”, an elixir based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Today, the author will introduce everyone to “Gogi“, the elixir in Chinese textbooks. It is a fruit that can be used to treat many diseases. and has been used in Chinese textbooks for over 2,000 years.

Get to know Gookie

Goji has an English name that is Chinese Wolberry and has a scientific name that is Lycium barbarum or some texts call it transliterated that Goji Berry (Goji Berry) is in the group. Berry family of fruits The tree is not very tall, there are about 70 – 80 species, it is very red, looks like a small pill. The ripe fruit is dark red like blood, so it has another name in Chinese. Which looks like a small red pill. More sour It is often put in stewed chicken soup. It is called “Chinese wolfberry”, while the other species is Lycium chinense. Dark red and larger. It’s more sweet, not sour. It’s often put in tea as a snack. And put in a dessert called “Hong Kong gogi” Goji goji is native to Asia. 

Plant and grow well in northern China Because the weather is cold and Geographical conditions are mountain ranges. It usually ripens during the summer and fall. Chinese people like to collect the fruit to dry.  Has a sweet taste, has a neutral effect. Not too hot, not too cold, and not poisonous.

The effect of goji helps to nourish the meridians of the liver, kidneys, stomach and lungs. It has properties that help nourish and moisturize. Help nourish eyesight. can prevent and treats dry eye symptoms very well In addition, most Chinese physicians Used to alleviate and treat symptoms of diabetics. In the Chinese Medicine Textbook, there is information that goji helps nourish the male body well

8 benefits of goji miracle fruit

Vitamin A is high. Research from many institutions found that Chickies are rich in vitamin A. When comparing the amount of vitamin A per weight. Vitamin A is an important component in the retina, having properties that help nourish eyesight. Reduces the risk of night blindness

High Calcium Goji berries have higher calcium than broccoli. Can help nourish strong bone mass It also contains iron that helps build red blood cells and muscles. ufabet

Being neutral means that the properties are in the middle. Not hot not cold can eat as much as you want Doesn’t cause the body to lose balance, but has to eat a lot to get the amount. That will be used as medicine. Ask how much is used How much is the medicine to eat? Assuming we want to nourish the eyes, we have to eat about 1 handful. How much we can pick up is in our hands. It’s about 1 tablespoon, 15 grams, about that per day. With a slightly sweet and sour taste, goji berries become food, tea, and dessert.  In most cases, if you eat too much, it’s just draining well and constipation disappears.