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Giving away 5 food menus to reduce blood pressure

food to reduce blood pressure Choose to eat good things close to you.  high blood pressure It’s another popular health problem. caused by lifestyle behavior But we ourselves can reduce it with food to reduce blood pressure. which is not a rare food at all Plus it will be around. ourselves too

Drink menu to increase energy on the day of diarrhea

2 great menus to recover bad days from diarrhea Many people who have experienced exhaustion due to diarrhea know that it is very painful. Plus the risk of dehydration in the body. to feel exhausted Especially Thailand is a hot city. which makes food spoiled and spoiled easily causing the

7 foods that reduce fat in blood vessels flush blood vessels

7 foods that reduce fat in blood vessels Helps clean blood vessels Consumption behavior of people in this era. It is a source of many problems. One of them is the occurrence of fat clots in the arteries. Therefore, we should turn to choose to eat. Diet to reduce fat