Manchester United came from a 2-2 draw with Leeds.

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Manchester United came from a 2-2 draw with Leeds in the Premier League on Wednesday night. At Old Trafford is a Premier League battle, a residual match between the Red Devils. Opening the house for a derby match against Yung Thong.

Less than a full minute passed, Leeds took a 1-0 lead. Bruno Fernandes lost the ball in the middle of the field. Before Willie Jeanto ching with Patrick Bamford to return the offensive line. Italy presses with the right into the first post.

The visiting team still finds better opportunities in the 11th minute. Almost taking the lead away when Jack Harrison opens for Maximilian Verber to strike the far post. Bid de Gea and have a defender following the extraction.

The Red Devils started the game and, in the 14th minute had a chance to win from a free kick on the left. Luke Law opened it in, was intercepted before Marcel Sabitzer, who got the first real shot, smashed over the crossbar.

In the 18th minute, Manchester United missed a golden opportunity to equalize, Bruno brought the ball to the right before opening the heart. Alejandro Carnacho caught and shot, but the ball fell off the left post unfortunately UFABET 

The hosts came continuously in the 27th minute, missed another opportunity, Aleandro Carnacho slipped and touched Elan Meslier before rocking Luke Eling, but the shot hit the head. Maximilian Weber 

In the 31st minute, United continued to lose, but Marcel Sabitzer’s long shot from the left did not pass Elan Mezier’s hand. 

Two minutes into the second half.

The score moved to 2-0 when Lee’s intercepted the ball again before Willy Nonto stabbed Cresenso Summerville. Inserted to the left and slapped in, Raphael Varane blocked the wrong side into his own goal.

In the 62nd minute, the red devils beat the eggs, chasing 1-2, Fakundo Peyi, a substitute for Diogo Dalot, carefully scooped into the middle of Marcus Rashford, floating to strike the far post.

Next, in the 68th minute, the home team is most likely to equalize, Jadan Sancho, the substitute, thrusts Rashford to the left, flowing into the ball, falling to Bruno, sticking to the block.

But Red Devils disciples cheered on the Old Trafford field in the 71st minute, Sancho flowed for Luke Shaw to open into the block, but the ball returned to the number 25 leg, pressed with the right. Enter the net for the team to equalize 2-2. 

The home team almost overtakes the lead in the 77th minute, Bruno cuts the ball up to the right before giving Raphael Varane a full strike. But saves Meslier to round the crossbar.

At the end of the game, Manchester United opened home to draw Leeds 2-2. Divided by one point per team, with the Red Devils having 43 points from 22 games and Yungthong having 19 points from 21 games.