Ten Hag is satisfied with the team’s enthusiasm.

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag praised his side for their equalizer in the latest match. But still dissatisfied with playing some points.

The Red Devils drew 2-2 at home to Leeds United in the Premier League on Wednesday. With the situation in the table, United now have 43 points from 22 games played.

“Mixed feelings. Obviously in the end we were happy with 1 point but we also lost 2 points. It was a really bad start to the game. unacceptable Especially in derby games like this you have to be ready to fight and take responsibility. We didn’t do that.

“It seems so. (The kicker was shocked after a quick goal) but not for me. [We know] they will play with aggression take advantage. Against one of the teams doing well they will try to challenge and that’s what they did. UFABET

“We created a lot of chances. There are two carnachos. Sabitzer once, Raphael’s (Varan) strike. We had to equalize in the first half. If you start the second half the same as the first then you make it even more difficult.

“I have to commend the team for recovering and coming back. We scored two goals thanks to the team’s great work.” ten Hag siad.