The media revealed that Amrabat is ready to play Barcelona for free.

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Moroccan journalist Ashraf Ben Ayad told Deario Sport on Wednesday that. Sofiane Amrabat had agreed to play for Barcelona for free and offered all of his money. To receive from the Azul Grana army for Fiorentina. But the Viola team did not meet the needs of the players. Therefore missing the opportunity to move to play in the ‘Camp Nou’ place on the last day of the next market last winter. 

Ben Ayad claims Amrabat has received an offer from Manchester United, Chelsea and Barcelona. But the 26-year-old insists he only wants to join the Azul Grana. Meanwhile, the Catalan giants have offered Fiorentina a loan deal plus the option to sign permanently worth €40m. UFABET

Amrabat, meanwhile, trained that day and personally contacted the Viola president to try and persuade him to accept an offer from Barcelona. B​ut unsuccessfully. Although the player offered Fiorentina all his wages he would receive from the Azulgrana. 

Fiorentina’s Moroccan midfielder Sofiane Amrabat tried everything to make a move to Barcelona but failed.

With this form of play, many clubs have been reported to be interested, especially Liverpool, who are looking to recruit an army in midfield in January. And according to reports from Spanish newspaper Relevo, Fiorentina are ready to set the starting price of Amrabat at 30 million euros, or about 25.8 million pounds, plus another bonus which will make it worth the price. The total is about 40 million euros, or about 34 million pounds only.